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Review: The Juliet Spell

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The Juliet Spell by Douglas Rees
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wanted the role of Juliet more than anything. I studied hard. I gave a great reading for it, even with Bobby checking me out the whole time. I deserved the part.

I didn't get it. So I decided to level the playing field, though I actually might have leveled the whole play. You see, since there aren't any Success in Getting to Be Juliet in Your High School Play spells, I thought I'd cast the next best; a Fame spell. Good idea, right?

Yeah. Instead of bringing me a little fame, it brought me someone a little famous. Shakespeare. Well, Edmund Shakespeare. William's younger brother.

Good thing he's sweet and enthusiastic about helping me with the play...and, ahem, maybe a little bit hot. But he's from the past. Way past. Cars amaze him - cars! And cell phones? Ugh.

Still, there's something about him that's making my eyes go star-crossed...

My Thoughts:
Um.....so far, VERY light & fluffy. I mean VERY. Not sure if this book is me. I do like the premise, so I will keep reading :)

**Update: Yes, it remained light & fluffy & cute. The writing was choppy and the pace was way off. The way some of the characters reacted to certain things that, in real life, would need days to wrap your head around, was entirely unrealistic. And the mom, she's perfectly fine with everything that is happening with her teenage daughter. What?!? I mean, why would she have any questions or concerns about the guy from Elizabethan England staying with them? And Edmund, I think he adjusted to the whole situation far too quickly. It was all too easy. I think the writer could have done SO much more with the premise.

I'm sure there will be loads of readers that will love this book. There are some sweet moments, I'll admit, but not enough to carry the whole story or make up for the pacing problems.

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