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Review: Bloody Confused

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Bloody Confused! Bloody Confused! Bloody Confused! by Chuck Culpepper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chuck Culpepper was a veteran sports journalist edging toward burnout . . . then he went to London and discovered the high-octane, fanatical (and bloody confusing!) world of English soccer.

After covering the American sports scene for fifteen years, Chuck Culpepper suffered from a profound case of Common Sportswriter Malaise. He was fed up with self-righteous proclamations, steroid scandals, and the deluge of in-your-face PR that saturated the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. Then in 2006, he moved to London and discovered a new and baffling world—the renowned Premiership soccer league. Culpepper pledged his loyalty to Portsmouth, a gutsy, small-market team at the bottom of the standings. As he puts it, “It was like childhood, with beer.”

Writing in the vein of perennial bestsellers such as Fever Pitch and Among the Thugs, Chuck Culpepper brings penetrating insight to the vibrant landscape of English soccer—visiting such storied franchises as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool . . . and an equally celebrated assortment of pubs. Bloody Confused! will put a smile on the face of any sports fan who has ever questioned what makes us love sports in the first place.

My Thoughts:
Awesome book for newbies and/or longtime fans of the English Premiere League and a fun, hilarious read...even if you're not a Pompey fan. Chuck Culpepper's observations on why "derby" is pronounced "darby" and how a stadium full of English fans can spot a handball from any seat in the house reminded me of when I started following the league and had those same moments.

Fun read...I recommend it for all football/soccer fans and anyone who enjoys a good story about someone discovering what all the fuss is about :)

Format: Paperback


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