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Cover Reveal: Lucid Soul by Krystle Kelly

Posted by Unknown on 02 June 2016. Filed under: , ,

Cover Reveal: Lucid Soul

I had a lot of fun designing this one! It turned out really pretty and the author and I agree that the whole tone and feel of the cover completely conveys the same about the book.

After being one of the world’s top models, Allura is unstoppable in the Exemplum Agency and is also on the board of directors. Life is all glitz, glamour and parties, since all of Allura's wishes seem to come true - until one of them leaves someone dead.

As Allura tries to piece mysterious visions of an ethereal eldritch woman that seems to come to her during certain moon phases, she meets Eric who seems to understand her – almost too much. Once it is revealed to her that Allura's life goes far beyond this realm, she must understand the mystical powers surrounding her and who she can truly trust.

Seeking the truth of her visions, of the stars, ethereal dreams, and the people of Exemplum Agency itself, Allura must discover the reason for that lurking power within – and why death seems determined to tear her world apart.

Release date coming soon!